Because Home is an EXPERIENCE…

Studying abroad is perhaps one of the most enriching and enlightening experiences a college student can undertake. Through their awe-inspiring newness and undeniable rigors, abroad programs push the boundaries on our definitions of such fundamental ideas as self, community, and time, as we enter the worlds of people who have thought of these concepts in entirely different ways from how we have been raised to understand them. Essentially, you would have to work really hard to not grow through a study abroad experience.

You being here likely means you have thought for at least a second about studying abroad, and have some questions. The role of this site, “Chronicles of the Black, Blue, and Borderless”, is to point you in the direction of the answers.¬†Being Black means that you move through the world with a very unique understanding of your role and place, and this would naturally affect how you would live in another cultural setting. On this site, you will find testimonies from Black students who have grappled with this experience first-hand, and want to give you a leg up on being equipped to handle a comparable experience. This is the site made for Black students, by Black students, answering questions tailored to the Black experience abroad.

These testimonials can be found on the “Our Stories” page on this site, or you can peruse the featured stories which you can find below on this page. If you would like to get acquainted with the way Duke does study abroad in a more general sense, you can navigate to the “General Questions” page, which provides general info on Duke GEO and how it operates. This site is growing, so be sure to check back periodically as there is bound to be information found here that was not present before. For now, please learn all you can from the Chronicles of the Black, Blue, and Borderless!